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Hello, We have VMware Horizon View 5.2.0 infrastructure and we have created some different pools because we needed to migrate the previous production pools (from Quick Prep Guest Customization to Sysprep Guest Customization, due to a KMS host for Windows and Office licenses perfectly working). Now we have an issue because when we launch a Recompose to any Linked Clone belonging to the new pools, we can be in three states: 1- Recompose is done perfectly.2- Recompose stops with an state Customization operation timed out3- Recompose shows an error "Customization operation timed out" but later continues and finishes the task.

To manage your Horizon View Infrastructure, you need to connect with a web browser to the administrator panel thanks to the link :https://vdi-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.viewaas.com:444/admin/Thanks to the email that you receive, complete the blanck space :username : adminpassword : provided by the emaildomain : ADVIEW Now, you have to select the provisioning settings.