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Today, the decline in the Red squirrel has progressed to such an extent that they now only persist in a few -- isolated -- areas of the UK including the Isle of Wight, Dorset and pockets of Wales.

The Red squirrel “stronghold” in the UK is generally cited as Northern England; English Nature estimates that somewhere in the region of 85% of England’s 161,000 Red squirrels live in Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland and North Lancashire.

Indeed, between 19 there was a dramatic decline in the number of Reds in Britain – so noticeable was the decrease that hunting had been suspended in the New Forest by 1927.

Further declines were recorded between 19, which were attributed to the timber demands imposed on the country during the World Wars and a number of exceptionally cold winters.

In truth, there is a somewhat smaller school who consider the decline of the Red squirrel may have more to do with some poor choices in respect to our management of their habitat than the introduction of the Grey squirrel, although this is not as widely accepted as the aforementioned theories.