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Perhaps they disregard romantic relationships altogether and focus solely on other life areas.

You didn’t really think “Bros Before Hoes” and “Fuck Bitches, Get Money” were just pop culture catch phrases, did you? And then some of them, unfortunately, take to their online dating profiles. When someone hurts you, you should you feel empowered to voice that.

How have men managed to shift the shame of mismanagement of emotions to women for so long? They don’t usually scream at the world, “Hey, I’m still hurting!!

”Some sleep with as many women as possible as a distraction from the pain, instead of engaging in another relationship that could actually work.

"If [a man] clearly wasn't interested, then he was simply another woman's catch. I knew I'd meet someone else tomorrow," she explained. After a date, she got an e-mail that read: "It was really nice to meet you, but I didn't feel that indescribable something that would tell me we're a match." Rather than feeling rejected, Ann felt liberated by the man's courage.

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