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Capricorns are very family orientated and this attitude spills over to their dating lives. Scorpios tend to be intense when they are dating and can easily get ahead of themselves, but don’t let this scare you away if you are dating a Scorpio, it’s just that they get attached quickly. Cancers are real relationship people and love having someone by their side, they aren’t great at being single, they need companionship.

Capricorns seek commitment and stability, they crave security and stability, both financially and emotionally. Open the doors to your destiny with a live private reading. Geminis are by nature fun and flirty, they don’t take life too seriously and love being the center of attention. Sagittarius’ are strong, adventurous characters and when dating they love breaking out of the norm.

Your dating style is all about the subtle hints and sly winks.

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Whether you and your significant other made it through the winter, you're dating someone new, or you're looking for a unique first date idea after you crafted the perfect online dating profile, there are plenty of fun date ideas that will get you outside.

Here are 12 great ideas that will impress any date." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//static-entertainment-neu-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/sc/9b/e151e5.gif" / Dating style: Loyal. Above all, Scorpios seek deep, emotional connections with their partners. Cancers are sweet, nurturing and caring characters, their idea of a perfect Friday night would be spend cuddling up with their partner on the couch watching romances movies.

Leo personalities often make good leaders, hence why they love being looked up to and admired.

They are very passionate characters, especially in the bedroom, as well as very monogamous.

Whether you are dating, in a steady committed relationship, or anything in between, the stars have an influence on your approach to love and hence your situation.