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When Cheyenne Woods won the ACC women’s individual golf championship in a dominating fashion as a junior in the spring of 2011, there was only one downside: Nobody toilet-papered the Quad in celebration. Her uncle, pro golfer Tiger Woods, tweeted about her just moments after her victory: “My niece, Cheyenne, just won the ACC golf title by 7 shots!

“Women’s golf doesn’t get the love that basketball and football does, but it’s okay.” One cool upside?

The questioner turned out to be none other than his niece, Cheyenne Woods, who had been given a roving brief that memorable Pennsylvanian week by Back9Network.

While Tiger’s legend is ever-present, Cheyenne won’t let it mess with her head. “With golf, it’s just you on your own out there,” she says.

Sometimes a name can open every conceivable door to success, sometimes it can be a millstone round the bearer’s neck.

I know they’re all real journalists and I was just getting a feel for it for the first time, but I’m a golfer—I know golf—so I had a bit of confidence in my questions.

I got to question several other players at Merion, including Rory Mc Ilroy and Graeme Mc Dowell.

It sure was a fun week.” For most trainee reporters fresh out of college with a communications and broadcasting degree, these exchanges would have represented not just a bit of fun but a significant step up the journalistic ladder.

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