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-- in which an eligible bachelor winnows a field of a couple of dozen ladies down to the one who'll be his wife -- is actually orchestrated by a control room full of steely, amoral TV professionals...including the one who just returned from having the meltdown that almost ruined last season's finale. alumna Constance Zimmer -- is the show's Executive Producer and the Machiavellian genius who's brought Rachel back to the show and is apparently complicit in blackmailing her into continued employment.

Also leering around the fringes is series creator/burnout billionaire Chet, who's played by Craig Bierko at his louchest.

" So I gave her a moment, and she did the savate kick and it was literally the most perfect kick. Mike "The Miz" Another memorable moment for me was that I had my first on-screen kiss. I guess you could say I was pretty nervous about it, because I didn't know what the rules were. What traditions or rituals do you have for the holidays?

I think I'm going to take credit for her savate kick, because of the energy that I gave her during that moment. I just went for it, and I think it was Francia's best kiss she's ever had on screen, to be completely honest with you. Francia: I like to cook a lot, so I'm really excited to cook next week for Thanksgiving.

However, acting in a movie -- you don't get that initial reaction and you don't get that live audience feel. I just got back from Europe for WWE -- we did a European tour for 14 days of constant wrestling, so my body's tired, my mind's tired. I'm really excited about Christmas Bounty premiering on November 26, because the cast just got along so well.