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6, the magazine mogul's wife offered "no comment" when asked if they have sex. the phases of all the girlfriends and all that kind of stuff . "We play Uno with the girls." PHOTOS: Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends Harris -- whose June 2011 cover was given a "Runaway Bride" sticker after she called off their first wedding -- also cleared up rumors about Hefner's skills in the boudoir.

"I feel like since Hef is older now and he's had . (In a July 2011 interview with Howard Stern, the model said Hefner lasted "two seconds" and said she was "not turned on" by the octogenarian.) PHOTOS: Stars who've posed for Playboy "When I first left, I did some interviews I shouldn't have done. It was a breakup, and I shouldn't have done some of the things," Harris explained.

It’s an intimate window into one man’s unvarnished id, and at odds with his empire’s sexual theme: Two couches are covered with hundreds of stuffed toys; there’s a mantelpiece highlighting Frankenstein heads and a framed replica of a toy gun he had as a child; the whole place is crammed with relics from his past.

"I can be at my most creative like this," Hefner explains. THE MAN WHO DATED ' THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR' MAY PREFER BLONDES, BUT HIS HEART LIES WITH A BRUNETTE His tastes then and now veer toward women who remind him of the movie stars he loved growing up, such as Alice Faye, though he currently favors blondes. "I'm looking for a partner -— a romantic partner." 6.

Galloway spent time with Hefner at his weekly movie night and in his legendary bedroom and came away with some totally unexpected insights.