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Qwanell Anthony Mosley (born September 29, 1988), better known as "Q", is an American singer who is best known for being a contestant, and winner on the hit TV show Making the Band 4.

He was the youngest member of the group Day26 signed to Bad Boy Records, along with their former label members, Danity Kane and Donnie J. Que was one of the five members of the group including, Robert Curry, Willie Taylor, Brian Andrews, and Michael Mc Cluney.spotted at real world Atlanta auditions 2015 Mosley was born on September 29, 1988, in Rochester, New York, to parents of Eritrean and African American descent.

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The song was both written and produced by Alex Diiamonds and Hyer Hytz Production League Mixed by Ken Lewis whose work includes albums such as Jay-Z and Kanye's Watch the Throne, Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Usher's Confessions Album.

According to "Q will go head to head with his former group Day26 in 2012 as they are both scheduled to release projects." Anthony Q has recently announced in multiple press releases, interviews, and as released a video via You Tube that he has indeed signed a new deal with 1127 Music Group to release his new single & forthcoming album which was scheduled to be released in 2013.

I want that hole world 2 kno ur mine forever…[Dawn] Will U Marry Me……I love you.” At press time, Dawn had not responded to Que via Twitter, but the marriage proposal sent a buzz across the Internet.

Que’s proposal via Twitter doesn’t mark the first time that he has asked to Dawn to marry him.

Since Season 2 of Making the Band 4, Mosley has been romantically involved with fellow Making the Band winner Dawn Richard.

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