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You see, I've endured all kinds of hell from family and so-called friends for being a Muslim lesbian yet at the age of twenty three, I hadn't even kissed another woman.

Thanks to my dear Bethlehem, I definitely made up for lost time. We lay in bed together, naked as jay birds, kissing and fondling one another.

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Bethlehem couldn't stop staring at me, and although I was a bit more discrete than her, the attraction was definitely mutual. Bethlehem and I became friends that day, adding each other on Facebook and exchanging numbers.

Bethlehem and I would later run into each other at the mall, and got to know each other over coffee and biscuits. We began hanging out together regularly, going to the movies and restaurants together. To say we came from different worlds would be the understatement of the century.

Bethlehem smiled at me, caressing my bare breasts and urging me to relax.

This beautiful Ethiopian gal was two years younger than me yet knew more about sex than I did. Bethlehem kissed a path from my lips to my breasts, then spread my thighs.

In Islam, gays, lesbians and bisexuals are considered haram or dirty. In spite of all that, the number of openly gay and lesbian Muslims has skyrocketed, especially in the Western world.